Working in the HOA is a very interesting job to have. The HOA, AKA the Home Owners Association, consist of a cluster of gropes of people that come together to form a series of rules and regulations for the community that regulate the changes that could be made in the community to create an organized well looking space for the area. Although this seems like an exceptional way to run a community, it sometimes may be overkill. Overkill in a sense that a homeowner in order to change, move or do anything to the exterior of the house, they would have to go through a series of documents in order to do so. With all this work, sometimes the HOA would reply that they don’t approve of the project. In Cases like theses it’s very frustrating for the home owner.


The Perfect Person to Interview

The perfect person to interview would be a very controversial and outspoken person. The perfect interview in my opinion would be with Donald Trump.

If interviewed, Donald could answer a lot of questions Latinos in America are most concerned of if he does become president. Although many of Latin Americans don’t want Mr. Trump as the president of the United States of America, it is good to know what they will be dealing with in the near future.

If I had the opportunity to interview Donald Trump I would ask him all the questions that need to be answered about his opinion on terrorism and what would be his solutions.  What would they be? Just stop every immigrant from coming in the country or is there a more passive “American” way of handling the situation.

Donald trump isn’t really liked by some of the Latin community but maybe he will change his mind like he does for every other comment he has made.

Blog: Intro to me

Hello, my name is Steven Carrandi. I’m originally from Miami Florida and I am a Cuban American. Both of my parents are from Cuba, so you can say I am the American dream.

At this particular moment of my life I am registered at Hillsborough Community college in Tampa Florida, working on an associate’s degree in Mass communication. I am taking a Class Called Writing for mass Communication which requires me to write a blog about news worthy information. I am almost done with my associate’s degree and I am just finishing a few electives in the summer semester and will hopefully graduate then.

Typically as anyone reading this could probably notice is that my grammar isn’t too great especially with the language barrier but, I try to do my best.

I enjoy Public speaking and will like to speak for a broad audience in the future, weather that is behind the camera or doing presentations in front of people live.steven

Review On Serial Podcast


Some of the evidence Sara focuses on is how far Mr. S walked into the forest just to take a pee, how would he have noticed the body if it was on the other side of a log and what type of liquor Mr. S drinks because of the bottle found at the crime scene. Sara the Serial reporter was reviewing the interviews made to Mr. S. That was the only evidence she had since he asked for Sara to leave him alone and refused to be interviewed. She started focusing on the amount of feet he went in the woods. She states that he went back “one hundred and twenty seven feet” back into the woods to pee. But she wondered how far that actually was, stating “why would he walk so far into the woods if all he had to do was pee”. She investigated by showing up to the crime scene and she noticed it’s actually not as far as it sounds. The road and passing cars were visible. So she thought that maybe he was telling the truth. But how would Mr. S see the body on the other side of the log? That in these episodes was not solved yet. The body after Sarah looked at the photos was barely noticeable. But then with a brief conversation over the phone with Mr. S’s half-brother, he stated he might have been hiding because he just streaked. During one of the recordings of the “interview” of Mr. S, they start asking what kind Liquor he drinks because a bottle of Brandi was found on the crime scene. The investigators try to get it out of him with no luck and become frustrated. Sarah states “finally Mcguilliary can’t stand it and starts listing all type of booze”. He later stated he didn’t drink Brandi with a tricky interview with the investigators. This kind of takes Mr. S off the map, for now.


Five years ago I had an opportunity to explore a new place. I was living in Miami at the time and have never really been anywhere out of the country; besides Mexico but, it was Cancun. Cancun was so touristy that it basically looked just like Miami to me. But this opportunity came around because of my stepmom. My stepmom is Colombian and her family owned a business in Maracaibo Venezuela. Due to the business being in another country her family decided to move there. Thus opened my opportunity to go to Maracaibo Venezuela. I was only sixteen and even though I would be staying with my stepmoms family and my stepbrother would be there, I would still have to travel by myself and I have never done that before. You can say I was a little nervous. Not to mention I would be staying in a strange country that I knew absolutely nothing about besides them having good food. But my Father would be paying for the entire trip. I couldn’t let that opportunity go. So I took it! Luckily I am bilingual so Translating wasn’t too hard for me.

Finally after four or five hours, can’t remember, I arrived in South America! I was pretty syked to be visiting an entire different country yet alone continent. Upon arrival I noticed differences almost immediately after getting off the plane. For one the airport was rinky dinky and did not look as welcoming as the Miami airport at all. Going through customs, they asked me a million of questions and I was getting nervous. Fortunately I got out quick and finally saw some familiar faces! My Grandmother/step grandmother, not really sure what to call her, but it didn’t matter because I was with people I knew. The car ride over to their apartment was terrifying! There are no fricken police in this place! When at a red light, you’d think the normal thing to do would be to stop. NOPE! Not here. The norm is, a red light means to beep, to warn others you’re coming, and go! Let’s just say I don’t remember much from that ride because my eyes were closed the entire time.

Ultimately we made it to the Apartment. We all had to rush inside because they were afraid we would get robbed. The security in Maracaibo Venezuela is not good at all. They say because Maracaibo is not “Chavista” (liking Chavez the president at the time) no police are sent or even people to fix the holes in the road. That is why people here drive the way that they do because without police, it’s the norm to drive recklessly. It was a very poor area. The apartment had a balcony. It wasn’t your typical balcony. For one it was bared up from top to bottom and there was a huge blue “tank” in the corner. I asked my Stepbrother what the giant blue tank was for. He responded that “the water only goes on twice a day”. I was in shock. Later looking out the balcony I noticed, every single house had huge blue tanks on their roof. Apparently since the water only goes on twice a day for the entire city, when it’s turned on the water fills the blue tanks so that when the water is turned off we would still have water to cook, clean, take a shower and many more regular essentials. I was completely thrown off guard. I was really starting to appreciate the essentials I had back home in Miami.

As the day went by I noticed a woman cooking in the kitchen. And when it was time to eat, she would serve us and clean up afterwards. I was extremely uncomfortable. I was not use to being waited on in my own home. Apparently having a “muchacha de sevicio”, AKA service woman, was very cheap and almost everyone had one in their home. It was kind of funny because the norm for me back home was to pick up my plate and ether wash it or rinse it and basically clean up after myself. When I started picking up my plate they called “Viviana” (the service woman’s name) and she took my plate out of my hand. They all looked at me, smiled, said Gringo and started laughing. That was an awkward moment for me to say the least.

After dinner I started to look around and noticed the type of material culture in the room. There was a lot of Jesus pictures, which being Latino was no new thing for me to see. Then I saw their computer. I thought I was back in the nineties again. Their ancient dinosaur was still running and it even made that weird sound that use to sound back then when trying to get on the internet. It was so funny. Definition was the room was the office area. Another kind of funky situation I saw, was all the men had purses! Yes, that was the norm way for men to go out! They were not a traditional woman purse, but they were made from yarn and they mostly had that same one design. It was defiantly weird to me, but to them it’s an ordinary, everyday thing.

Let me tell you, one thing that I LOVED was their food! It was so delicious and different. For example, a traditional American hamburger has two buns, a meat patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese and maybe a pickle. Well these hamburgers in Maracaibo had a meat patty and buns just like an American hamburger, but they also had ham, chips, mayo, catchup, pork, pineapple sauce, and more, well I mean if it fit on the burger. Holy crap those were the best burger I have ever had in my entire life! To these people burgers like this was the good burger unlike a restaurant back home that has practically nothing in their burgers. They Value their food and don’t like to get ripped off at American restaurants. They believe food is very important and eat two cores meals usually. And it’s mostly soup, rice and some sort of meat. The hamburger would be for dinner. That’s another thing, unlike in the United States, the so called “big meal” is for breakfast and lunch. Dinner would be a sandwich or something light. That is another norm for Maracaibo.

Later on in the second week, I and my step brother decided to go visit his dad. As we were in the taxi on our way I noticed we started going by concrete buildings then concrete buildings with a tin roof and then it came to houses that were completely made out of tin. I couldn’t believe it. It was like being in a movie. Finally the taxi stopped at one of the tin houses. It was his dads. We went inside and there were holes in the roof. I noticed at a room that had a stove and a couple of shelves. I realized that was their kitchen. These People were literally dirt poor, but they didn’t treat us as if though we had to give them things because of their financial state. On the contrary, they were giving us food and knickknacks to take with us even though they knew we were more privileged than them. That was just so touching to me that I will never forget that. In Venezuela I’ve noticed in Latin American countries we are more affectionate with their family, naturally. Americans are colder. Their values are to their family first not like a lot of Americans that may be business first.

The Last few weeks were kind of smooth. I mean if you call flushing the toilet, brushing my teeth and taking a shower with a bucket of ice cold water smooth. But overall, even though the culture shock was extreme, I had a wonderful time and I have learned to appreciate things a hell of a lot more than I have before and to not take things for granted. I believe it was a great experience for me to learn how other countries thrive every day and how we as Americans complain about things we shouldn’t be complaining about. Now before I open my mouth to criticize or complain about anything, I just think about Maracaibo Venezuela and it all goes away.

Nicki Minaj Miami Concert Brief Review

The night sky shined with lights from the stage reflecting off the Downtown Miami buildings, The Pink Print Tour is defiantly one that will go down in history. About 45 minutes went by the time Nicki Minaj was supposed to be on stage. The smell of marijuana was overwhelming due to all the smokers in the Bayfront park amphitheater. The DJ is doing his best to calm the “We want Nicki!” chants with music mixes, but the DJ couldn’t hold the crowd for much longer. Just as the excitement started to change to frustration, the curtain fell, revealing the large stage. The stage was two stories with a huge upside down triangle as a blow up screen, almost like a jumbo Tron, all outlined with neon blue and purple lights.

The song starts, “All Things Go”. This is R&B and one of the albums most emotional songs on the Pink Print album. Nicki rose up from underneath the Miami stage, graciously like a sprouting flower. Gradually her body is revealed and her face was covered in black lace. Her platform lifts even higher after a verse of “All Things Go”. She rose so high that level with the rest of the band’s heads were her feet. Mrs. Minaj eventually came down. Her aura was so beautiful. Her hair shined with the stage lights. And she finally reveals her face and curves. She had on a wireless microphone hung form her ear which allowed her to dance her hip hop moves without holding a mic in her hand.

nicki-minaj-in-edmonton Nicki took a brief break from her singing to welcome the audience to the Pink Print Tour and she asked, “where my Spanish people at”. Nicki then Spoke Spanish saying, “Hola que pasa contigo Dimelo?” The crowd went wild. Due to the high population of Hispanics in Miami, The crowd loved it.

Nicki minaj took another change break to come out in a flashy gold braw and skirt to sing her songs like “Anaconda”. When she came out, she started joking with the crowd saying that we might not know the next song. Then the beat dropped to her song “Anaconda” according to reviews.ticketmaster.com. The crowd was singing along to the lyrics as she raped her verses. Then came the choreography of the song. She sat down on a golden tree stump and did her famous “leg lifts” to her track as the crowd sung along, “oh my gosh! Look at her butt.

Nicki changed into a beautiful shiny silver dress and came out in a more serious feel. She started singing the slow sentimental songs of her album. One of the songs, “Grand Piano”, was a sentimental song she sang about the struggles in her past relationship with Safari Samuels, according to vibe.com. Her facial expressions throughout the song showed heartbreak and struggle. She almost starts crying from all the emotion she put into the song. Her body language was almost week of sadness as if after every verse she was trying to hold in the tears. It was extremely emotional and empowering.

Nicki Minaj ended the concert with a lively performance of her Pop song “Starships”. The stage during all the Pop songs looked like the entire stage was moving with her. The lights went wild as she danced with her back up dancers. The spectacular choreography entailed her shaking her biggest asset and dancing up and down the stage. During the songs all the fans sang along word for word creating a very happy and existing atmosphere. At the end of the song, smoke machines shot clouds of smoke into the air creating a festival aura. She finally thanks the crowd for coming and she stayed talking to some of the fans in the front row for a moment but eventually departs back stage.

Nicki Minaj brought the place down that Monday night and truly gave it her all. It shows that she put a lot of effort into the performance and it didn’t seem like there were any disappointments. This performance was so lively the entire time. I had a wonderful experience at this concert. The only thing I disliked really was, due to the limited time, she couldn’t sing all the songs on her new album. But I guess if she had done all the songs she wouldn’t have a voice for the next city. The performance was great and exceeded my expectations by a mile. I’d say Mrs. Minaj out did herself and she proved that no one can do it like her.


Brickell City Centre

Brickell Miami, The newest metropolitan area in the United States. One of the most desirable places in the world, Latin Americas Financial and Banking capital, fancy and sophisticated areas, Brickell is filled with new projects like skyscrapers and fun activities to do. The Brickell area was missing something though. Luckily Brickell City Centre is the new and huge project that is undergoing as we speak.

This project compares to Rockefeller center in New York by implying traits such as activities to do for tourists and locals. It was the type of project missing from the Downtown-Brickell area in Miami. The project will consist of three residential towers, three office buildings, two hotels, all of this lies above the three levels of retail and entertainment which stretches over four city blocks. This project will also consist of below ground parking under the city streets. By putting this underground parking, the designers were able to create an on grade shopping center that flows from street to street freely with no barrios.

This is a fully intergraded project. It integrates the city to itself and vice versa. The building is in different blocks of the city though. But the designers came up with a way for all the shoppers to cross the street in a safe way, away from traffic by building the climate robins. The climate ribbons are what keeps the shoppers conferrable weather wise. Since the street scape has to be outdoors, the designers came up with a way to input shade and gentle breeze by putting materials together to make it possible. The designers did so by combining glass on the top layer and beneath the glass there are a series of maneuvers who’s orientation is very specifically designed to protect the underneath pathway from direct sun. It also captures the trade winds that flow in from the Caribbean into Miami, making this an environmental solution instead of a mechanical solution.

They will also be building a new station for the public transportation system called the Metro Mover, the “subway” of Miami, which will link the station on level three of the shops in City Centre. The development of a project of the significance of Brickell City Centre should promote a partnership between Swire Properties Inc and our community. This is a great opportunity because Swire Properties Inc are famous all over the world for their great architectural and cultural influences. It is important to us that we keep the lines of communication open throughout the project’s construction so we may help to minimize the occasional inconveniences according to http://brickellcitycentreconnect.com/.Brickell-City-Centre-daytime

This project is truly exiting and innovative. The locals cannot wait for Brickell City Centre and this will bring new opportunities for tourism in the city of Miami. Ana who better to show us how it’s done than Swire Properties.