Hyper Local News Sites.

Hyper local news sites are news sites with soft news and usually the events or information given is about the local area only. Soft news is news that is not Breaking news per say, includes more passive stories and less headline stories.

One of the examples I found that is a hyper logical news site is the Fish Hawk
Talon. This news site and newspaper includes events and what is happening in the small town of Fish Hawk. Fish Hawk is an HOA controlled community that has a lot of meetings for the different CDD properties. The Talon would state the date and times of the meetings and other HOA events such as food truck rally’s, movie theater events, and occasions that the Fish Hawk area might be interested to do. The Fish Hawk Talon is more of an entertainment for the community. Other similar news websites include the Columbia Journalism site and Niemen Lab which all had those similarities.


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