ISIS Reportedly Claims Orlando Shooter As One Of Its Own


An ISIS-affiliated news agency posted a statement online saying a source claimed an ISIS fighter was responsible for the Orlando nightclub shootings, although U.S. officials haven’t confirmed this. This is a truly sad event that has occurred in Orlando over the weekend. Fifty people dead and fifty three injured so far according to This has been said to be a hate crime and not to mention it’s supposedly connected to the infamous terrorist group ISIS. Innocent people have been killed and it’s not okay. This event is the worst shooting in the United States history. Mateen (the shooter) was armed with a handgun, an assault rifle, additional rounds and an unidentified device. He took clubbers hostage after exchanging gunfire with first responders. The standoff ended shortly after 5 a.m. when police used two “distractionary devices” to rescue 30 hostages. The gunman was killed after exchanging fire a second time with police According to

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The site NEWSY is a great site for those who don’t like to read. It’s interesting and has a very easy setting where news can be found easily. The most current news is first while the most dated is further down which makes sense to have it set up that way. A lot of these news stories are interesting in a sense that it’s all news that the average person would care about or think it is interesting. This site includes fun facts about exploring the moon, Mexican immigrants visiting their deported family members at the border where neither of them can cross but they are able to see each other, and information about schools and their budgeting. These are just three examples of the many stories that are included in this marvelous site. I would recommend this site to anyone who likes to be knowledgeable to the world around them or who just wants to be entertained with information.

Hyper Local News Sites.

Hyper local news sites are news sites with soft news and usually the events or information given is about the local area only. Soft news is news that is not Breaking news per say, includes more passive stories and less headline stories.

One of the examples I found that is a hyper logical news site is the Fish Hawk
Talon. This news site and newspaper includes events and what is happening in the small town of Fish Hawk. Fish Hawk is an HOA controlled community that has a lot of meetings for the different CDD properties. The Talon would state the date and times of the meetings and other HOA events such as food truck rally’s, movie theater events, and occasions that the Fish Hawk area might be interested to do. The Fish Hawk Talon is more of an entertainment for the community. Other similar news websites include the Columbia Journalism site and Niemen Lab which all had those similarities.