Tampa Black Light Slide

In class I have to write about a certain event and I want the event to be a night to remember so I choose the Tampa Black light slide that is coming to town! The Black light Slide is an exclusive night experience that exposes everyone to UV Neon Glowing fun! Sliders attend from all over to enjoy this spectacular festive event for the night of their lives sliding down the Black light Slide with neon glow in the dark water running down it; everyone who attends will certainly be glowed! With the greatest after party in the world and the coolest music jamming from one of the top DJ’s in the country you will have a time to remember. The Black light Slid will leave you glowing with wonder and keep you anxiously waiting for the next one! This only costs twenty dollars admission and it will be so worth it.BLack Light slide


2 thoughts on “Tampa Black Light Slide”

  1. This event looks like a lot of fun! It sounds like it would be like the Life in Color events that are held around the United States. I went to one when it came to Tampa and I was covered in paint the whole time and had so much fun listening to the music and being with all my friends. I have never heard of the Black Light Slide but I am definitely interested. My only question is do you think the UV neon glow would be harmful to yourself in anyway?


  2. This was a great event to write about! I am definitely looking into getting my tickets in advance! Thanks for sharing current local events that we are still able to attend! Too many times you get the reviews and not the word about the fun.


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