Photo Journalism

Photos can be worth a thousand words, that’s why photos have a strong place in the society of Journalism. Photojournalism is the art or practice of communicating news by photographs. The primary role of the photojournalist is to be a visual storyteller.  By photographing, editing, and presenting images, they tell a story in a way that no other media can.  Some photojournalists will work for a local publication, while others will travel nationally or abroad, sometimes putting themselves in constantly changing or even dangerous situations according to We are assigned a Photojournalism project and I believe I want to do it by taking a photo of a homeless person with the city in the background. This would show both rich and poor and I think would make an impact on society by showing both extremes. This will show that we are all people weather rich or poor happy or sad.


3 thoughts on “Photo Journalism”

  1. I am genuinely looking forward to seeing the final product. I believe the concept you have can potentially open the eyes of many people about the increasing gap between the rich and poor. Thanks for the insight on photo journalism as well!


  2. Photojournalism is unique because of its ability to capture a feeling or event that can be revisited throughout generations to bring attention to important historical events. With that said I think that you have a wonderful idea! Often times the poor are neglected, and it is easy for us to generalize how they got there, but they are people too, and we don’t know their full story.


  3. Hey Steven! I feel like this idea you have for the project is really cool. I am excited to see how the whole thing turns out because giving both sides of rich and poor in different photos will be able to impact every day people. By adding the extra note on the emotions will help the photo make more of an impact also.


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