(For Class)

Home Owners Association is an interesting organization. HOA’s help control the community to prevent you from living next to a neon pink house and keep the neighborhood looking clean and trimmed. The Home Owners Association have lots of advantages. Unfortunately it also has a lot of disadvantages. The voice of the HOA workers need to be heard in order for things to change, to progress, thrive, and fix glitches in the system. A lot of college students have jobs in the Home Owners Association and this could affect their future knowing about customer service. Mr. Nick is an HOA employee at Fish Hawk Ranch in Lithia Florida. He would be a great candidate to answer the questions of how he thinks working for the HOA. What does he suggest to be done about the corrupt system if he believes it’s corrupt? This is an interesting system to work for. It will be interested to write about the interview in the near future.


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