Working in the HOA is a very interesting job to have. The HOA, AKA the Home Owners Association, consist of a cluster of gropes of people that come together to form a series of rules and regulations for the community that regulate the changes that could be made in the community to create an organized well looking space for the area. Although this seems like an exceptional way to run a community, it sometimes may be overkill. Overkill in a sense that a homeowner in order to change, move or do anything to the exterior of the house, they would have to go through a series of documents in order to do so. With all this work, sometimes the HOA would reply that they don’t approve of the project. In Cases like theses it’s very frustrating for the home owner.


One thought on “HOA HELL”

  1. I’ve always found HOA’s to be very interesting, considering where I’m originally from in New York HOA’s don’t exist at all. I, like most people who live in the greater Tampa Bay area, live in a neighborhood with a HOA. My community has a Facebook group and people use it a lot to argue about the rules laid out by the community and how some are unfair. One of my neighbors got his car shot up by a bb gun over a debate about whether it should be allowed to keep his basketball hoop up overnight when not in use. People take HOA rules WAY too seriously, in my opinion.


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