Garbage truck falls off Miami bridge!


A garbage truck Over corrects itself and crashes through a cement wall and falls of a bridge this presidents day! Amazingly the driver is okay. A video of the truck “surveillance” shows the truck hit the left wall barrier twice but the second time he over corrects the steering wheel, loses control of the truck, and smashes through the barrier plunging one hundred feet wreaking havoc on the cars in the parking lot of the park below according to AZNews. The Truck driver apparently was not wearing his seat belt and got ejected from the vehicle! The surveillance video shows the driver wasn’t texting while driving so he must have been dosing off. The driver spent two weeks in the hospital recovering from his injuries. The driver did receive two tickets, one for reckless driving and one for not wearing his seat belt. The driver is lucky to be alive. Safe driving to you all!


Tornadoes in south Florida!

Three Tornadoes Hit South Florida a Tuesday Morning in February. El Nino has changed Florida’s weather completely. The National Weather Service officials confirmed that Wednesday morning that a tornado touched down in Davie Tuesday morning rated an EF-0, alongside with two previously confirmed EF-1 tornadoes. The tornadoes destruction consisted of trees falling, damage to roofs, cars, properties, and automobiles in Miami-Dade and Broward counties according to This is crazy for most of the residents that are just used to Hurricanes which they would have at least a week’s notice. Unlike a tornado that only gives minutes to no notice.

Residents in Davie Florida were the victim of the most recent tornado with winds of around 80 miles per hour,  Coordinates provided by the National Weather Service show the tornado beginning at Weston Road and South Post Road in Weston later finishing up at Nova Drive and Southwest 81st Avenue in Davie Florida.

The first of three tornadoes, in Miami-Dade County, damaged a 37-division apartment building at 1000 Northeast 191st Street which endured part of its roof collapsing. All inhabitants were evacuated and there were no injuries to report. The tornado was mighty enough uproot oak tress which uplifted concrete around, on Northeast 16th Street. The storm was probably responsible for at least three vehicles and a tractor-trailer crashing on I-95 by Ives Dairy Road, officials said. One of the big green signs on the highway was ripped off its pole and went head on to the traffic causing the cars to swerve and crash. The Tractor-trailer later trying to not hit the cars ended up swerving and jackknifing itself into its current state. This could have killed the people in the vehicles but luckily they all have escaped with minor injuries. This tornado phenomenon is extremely bizarre foe Florida weather yet typical of an El Nino year. So for Florida residents, if a tornado warning gets sent to your phone, it’s good to take immediate action and get to a safe place as soon as possible.

The Grammy’s, not so good?

These past Grammy awards were kind of a bust in my opinion. They were so boring I could of just rolled over and died. Okay maybe that was a little dramatic but you get the picture. They were not good in my opinion. This event sounded good and interesting at first but it wasn’t set up what it was said to be. For one the Grammy commercials stated a number of artist that were supposed to come and perform and that just wasn’t true. One of which was Nicki Minaj who later responded via Twitter, “I am not performing at the Grammy Awards…but hey it’s the thought that counts”. It was completely false advertisement. Its kind of hard to believe that an award show that is the top music award show can be so, I guess the word should be, “unprofessional”. The Performances weren’t that good ether. Poor Adele was traumatized because her audio in her performance was all screwed up. In my opinion their were way to much musical tributes and not enough modern day songs. They should have organized this event better.grammys-monday-610x319

Being a College Student


College is a bit much at times. All the tests to study for or how about the homework that nips you in the butt and we rush to get it done. Well if you want a degree you just got to deal with it. Yup, that is what I said. Because without that little paper these days, Life will suck. Well except for the tiny percentage of poor people who become rich and famous by acting or singing, but what are the chances of that. For normal people like you and me we got to do the “struggle”. But at the end of all the struggle and stress, when you have that paper or those papers, Life will be sweeter than sweet itself. You’ll have your cars, house or houses, and whatever your little heart desires. The moral to the blog is don’t give up because it’s all worth it at the end. 🙂

Exciting New addition to the Miami skyline!


Miami is the place to be or visit especially since Miami is a city that was built on tourism. If you’re looking for tropical views, a warm sunny environment and an astonishing amount of things to do, Miami is the place to be. Miami’s metropolitan area has grown surprising amounts just in the past twenty years. It went from having about five skyscrapers to no having over 70. A lot of people call Miami the new Manhattan because of the rapid growth. With rapid growth comes new projects and developments to enhance the city. The new buildings of Miami are beautifully designed and offer almost anything anyone can think of. Though one of the projects surpasses all, the projects known as the Panorama Tower.


The Panorama Tower is going to be an exciting project just due to the fact that it’s going to be the new tallest building in Miami! Not only in Miami though but it will soon be the tallest building in the eastern sea board south of Manhattan! I love Miami and I’m a geek about these new projects. This project is big because it will be Miami’s first categorized “super tall” building. It will bring retail space, apartments, condos, and a hotel. Can’t wait for it to be finished! By the way construction is already underway.


Remembering Joan Rivers

Joan Molinsky more commonly known as Joan Rivers, 81, Died September 4, 2014, New York City, NY, a week after suffering from cardiac arrest during a medical procedure.

Mrs. Rivers was born June 8, 1933, Brooklyn, New York City, NY to Russian-immigrant parents named Dr. Meyer and Beatrice Molinsky.

When Joan passed away it affected me very much because she was an idol to me just in the comedy perspective. Joan would always make my day by cracking me up till I cried. She was the first woman to be on late night TV and a legend of comedy. She has accomplished so much in her life such as she was named permanent guest host in 1983 on The Tonight Show, Had her own show on E! network called Fashion Police, and becoming a famous red carpet interviewer. Joan has left her mighty legacy with us and she will not ever be forgotten. Joan